Yin Yoga + Sound Bath at The Yoga Room
In this special workshop you’ll be practicing yin yoga to help release tensions and stresses in your body while being enveloped and immersed in the sound of 7 Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls. Yin yoga works on your tighter, contracting and knotted connective tissues around the hips, lower back and shoulders while the Sound Bath, also known as Sound Healing, works to promote deeper relaxation by your brain waves becoming attuned to the frequencies of the instruments. Combined Benefits of Yin Yoga + Sound Healing:Helps to release tightness/knots in your body.Significant reduction in stress and anxiety.Helps to lower blood pressure and anger.Cleanse and balance Chakras, energy centers in the body.Stimulate Meridians, energetic pathways in the body.Increase in mental and emotional clarity. Price $40 (Premium Membership discount applies)
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