Sync Up to the Vibration of Abundance at SoderWorld Wellness Center
• What does money mean to you? • Do you deserve money? • Is it hard for you to keep money? • Are you of the mind-set that you are prosperous? • Or are you stuck in a lack mindset? It is imperative that you uncover what money means to you. Because if you don't, that underlying belief you have about money might sabotage your abundance!!   Many of our beliefs around money and finances were programmed in childhood and are living deep in our subconscious. As you uncover what money means to you, you can release and heal any beliefs, thoughts or patterns that might sabotage your abundance!! Break through the glass ceiling you have created for yourself subconsciously, that is limiting your experience of abundance.   This workshop includes: meditation, ritual, exercises to break through and heal the subconscious, tools to take home & continue your self-work, create, story-telling/sharing, healing touch from Dana Massat, & more!   Investment in Yourself: $33 Call or go to website to Register!   About Dana MassatDana is Founder of Ascend Your Soul, a Shamanic Holistic Practitioner; and a Healer & Teacher with over 15 years of experience. Through her workshops & healing sessions, Dana is holding miraculous healing space for YOU to grow, expand and shine your LIGHT brighter! Dana always aligns her workshops & healings with the Universal energies to intensify the healing & manifestation.
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