Hot Yoga Detox at Trinity Wellness
75-min Hot Yoga Detox (Special Offering) - class focuses on purifying and cleansing the body by moving stagnant energy and allowing you to deeply heal and relax. Guys + Gals - all levels welcome, including beginners. The studio will be heated up to 90 degrees to help you sweat and allow your circulation to move freely aiding in lymphatic flow - a body system that helps move fluid, rid toxins, and other cellular wastes. Yoga poses and movements can benefit the body for detox support and revitalizing vital energy to the body. This style of practice along with hydration and deep cleansing breaths, can help purify your body, boost the immune system, and leave you feeling refreshed, revived and well! (please note: this is not a Bikram Yoga style class). Afterwards enjoy light snacks, refreshments and a bottle of chlorophyll water - hydration is highly advised! Please wear comfortable stretchy clothes and bring a yoga mat, water, towel and any yoga props needed (available at TW).
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