Spring Equinox Yoga 108 Sun Salutations at Trinity Wellness
2-Hour Spring Equinox Yoga 108 Sun Salutations - this special event is to bring in a new Spring Season as we practice 108 Sun Salutations inviting freshness and vitality for our body + mind. Guys + Gals - all levels welcome, including beginners. As our season changes with longer daylight, warmer temps, new beginnings and growth we gather to create vital energy and abundance. During the Spring Equinox, 108 Sun Salutations can invoke a meditative practice connecting the body and mind with our mother earth as we gain a fresh sense of renewal and inspiration. The Yoga Mala practice will be divided into 9 sets of 12 Sun Salutations (variations of A&B) - as we warm up the body to cleanse and detox. Between each set there will be moments for self-reflection, focus, pranayama (breathing techniques), intention setting and Persian readings. Variations of certain poses will be given for those building up stamina and strength in their yoga practice. Afterwards we'll celebrate our accomplishment by enjoying light healthy snacks, herbal tea, and refreshing drinks with our Yoga Kula Community! Please wear comfortable stretchy clothes and bring a yoga mat, towel, water and any yoga props needed (available @TW). Hydration Highly Advised!
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