Weight Training 101 at Trinity Wellness
75 min Weight Training 101 - this class is all about learning the basics of how to build muscle tone in a safe way with an effective and adaptable program. Guys & Gals all levels welcome including beginners. Whether your goal is to build muscle mass or achieve a fitter, more toned body, lifting weights can help get you there. Weight training aka resistance or strength training, builds lean, stronger muscles, strengthens bones and joints and can help keep your metabolism in a healthy state -- meaning you'll burn more calories even when you're resting. Utilizing hand weights, TRX suspension trainers, resistance bands, and even your own body weight called calisthenics exercises. Benefits of this type of exercise is for all ages young and older, as it can help fight the loss of muscle mass and mobility as well as improve psychological well-being. Healthy Body + Mind! You will gain informative knowledge on form, technique, focus breathing, alignment and precision of your movement. This helps all aspects of fitness including flexibility, cardio, bone density, lower body fat%, defining muscles, improving sleep and much more. The National Strength & Conditioning Association recommends - "adults ages 50+ to perform strength training workouts 2-3 times weekly to prevent decline in muscle mass and bone density." Reach out to Kristen with any concerns or questions. Her approach to Fitness + Wellness is holistic and all inclusive with her 30+ years of personal training & coaching knowledge. Please wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes and bring a workout mat, sweat towel and water (available @TW). Hydration Advised!
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