Fuse45 delivers the perfect 45-minute cardio and strength combination class that is high intensity and without impact. The low impact nature makes this workout completely sustainable, even for those with common fitness injuries. The high intensity aspect gives you that heart pounding, sweat dripping, endorphin rising feeling that will help you shed pounds, tone up, and keep you coming back for more. Fuse45 West Bloomfield also offers state-of-the-art indoor cycling. Our innovative, high-tech Cycling and Strength Cycling classes are filled with powerful cardio blasts and excitement. Our bikes will allow you to track your performance during and after class to make sure you are always setting new goals. Instructors will incorporate upper body strength training, adding new dimensions to this not-so-typical cycling class. Let loose to the energizing music and push yourself through competitive intervals and motivating team races, utilizing Performance IQ technology.
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