Music Meditation & Yoga Nidra at Ministry of Yoga - Ministry of Yoga
<div>Deeply restorative practise that starts with the physical body and the senses, then moves into the more subtle aspects of ourselves (subconscious and unconscious mind).<br/>The room is set up as a circle, with candles and amethyst crystals to cleanse the space, and create an atmosphere / energy that supports restorative practises.<br/>The first 15 minutes are in a seated position, observing a piece of music meditation that resonates on a specific higher chakra.<br/>The last 40 minutes is guided yoga nidra. Participants will lie down in a comfortable position (preferably savasana) with blankets to keep warm. Participants are guided through a systematic relaxation of the physical body, sub conscious and unconscious mind. The process is deeply healing and restorative for the body and mind, helping the individual to find balance / sattva.<p>Level: All<br/>Studio: Orange</p></div>
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