Keep it Clean - 5 Day Detox Program at Trinity Wellness
Keep it Clean - 5 Day Detox Program- Join Neda Certified Personal Trainer + Health & Wellness Coach + Nutrition Advocate for this intro to body cleansing workshop! How to begin...Mindset is EVERYTHING! Start by Cleansing the Clutter - learn ways to get rid of the excess that is preventing you from cultivating wellness habits & the healthy lifestyle you want to achieve! Mental + Physical + Space Signs + Symptoms that it's time to Detox...Sugar Cravings - Digestive Distress - Seasonal Allergies - Don't Feel Healthy (but you eat healthy) - Skin Issues - Constant Fatigue - Mind Fog - Chronic Joint Pain - Stressed Out - Food Emotions - Weight Gain - Hormones Unbalanced - Body Odor - Lack of Sleep - Anxious or Depressed - Cold Sores - Hungry If you've always wanted to try a detox program or learn ways to purify your body so you can feel better - this is your opportunity. You will learn about naturopathic remedies, herbal nutrition supplements, wellness services and more! You will also gain info on the 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse along with tips on starting out with an intro to detox program. For questions contact Neda at: neda@trinitywellnesskc.com Please bring something to take notes and wear comfortable clothes - class will be in the studio seated on the floor with comfy cushions and bolsters. Light drinks + snacks provided!
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