Functional Movement and How to Live your Best Life with Whitney Stephenson and Shelby Hunzinger at Village Yoga
Do you want to learn about longevity? How can we possibly continue to do the things we love to do until we are 100? All joking aside, carrying our kids around, at some point getting up off of the floor, picking up a grocery bag and even just doing the most simple everyday thing can become challenging if we aren't moving with awareness, and maintianing our mobility. Join Whitney and Shelby for this this 90 Minute workshop designed to help you understand more of the physical intentions behind yoga poses and functional fitness movements. Led by Owner of Sonmade Fitenss, Whitney Stephenson (functional fitness coach, 4x Regional Crossfit Competitor, and Olympic Trials Qualifier) and Shelby Hunzinger (ERYT YACEP 500).    - How to enter a pose or perform fitness movements in the gym and at home mindfully and safely in your body and how to modify as needed.  - How to connect to your core and use it as the initiator of movement. - Linking functional fitness movements and yogic movements to everyday life and even the harder things.  -Pelvic tilt and its importance. - Feet! All about the feet that support us.  - How to utilize your Breath effectively -How to live your best most adventurous life for years to come!
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